NEWP Engagement opportunities

We want to hear from you – feedback sought on Version 2 of the National Established Weed Priorities (NEWP) framework

Version 2 of the NEWP framework, including a summary of the framework’s proposed scope, elements, governance and implementation, is available for download.

We are seeking feedback on how the framework’s design can jointly meet the needs of industry, community and government stakeholders in managing established weeds from local to national levels.

Version 2 has been prepared in a discussion format, with questions posed throughout. We welcome your views on the framework’s logic. What are the best options when there are a range of options that could be taken? What are other ways to achieve aspects of the framework that we haven’t thought of?

Please click on the below links to download the framework modules and feedback template. Please email your responses to

Feedback due by 21 January 2022

Engagement documents to download:

Feedback template for NEWP framework