Great Barrier Reef Island Biosecurity Planning

Client: Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Date: 2022 (in progress)


Following the development of the 2021 Capricornia Cays National Park Biosecurity Plan, Wild Matters are developing an additional four biosecurity plans for island national parks in the Great Barrier Reef. Plans will focus surveillance and early intervention effort towards high risk pest species and pathways, providing additional support to biosecurity measures undertaken throughout Queensland island national parks. 

Services provided:

  • Identify and quantify the risks of pests and diseases that threaten the islands’ key values. 
  • Identify, analyse and prioritise pathways of possible pest and disease introduction. 
  • Establish simple and effective prevention procedures to stop or limit the arrival of pests. 
  • Identify the best surveillance sites and techniques on islands to detect highest risk incursions.  

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