Weed Risk Management System Framework

Client: Department of Defence 

Date: 2022 (in progress)


The Defence Estate comprises more than 3 million hectares of land. To manage the risk of weeds to capability and to meet biosecurity obligations the Department of Defence are developing a framework that aims to: 

  • prevent outbreaks of non-established pests, weeds or pathogens at Defence properties  
  • identify and respond rapidly, effectively and safely to non-established pests, weeds or pathogens outbreaks at Defence properties. 

Development of a Weed Risk Management System (WRMS) will support the Department of Defence’s land management obligations. 

 Services provided:

  • Desktop review of current WRMS processes  
  • Liaise with departmental staff to identify critical needs 
  • Identify monitoring an reporting requirements 
  • Develop WRMS framework
  • Test and refine WRMS. 

A final WRMS framework will be complete in late 2022. 



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