WoNS Best Practice Management Manuals (update)

Client:  Centre for Invasive Species Solutions 

Date: 2022 (in progress)


Best Practice management options for Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) are outlined in 27 best practice manuals. A review of the control options will identify any gaps or updates required for the manuals, enabling them to continue to provide a comprehensive source of best practice advice to weed managers. 

Services provided: 

  • Desktop review of current best practice management options  
  • Liaise with technical experts to confirm options 
  • Update manual, chemical and biological control content 
  • Collate information into addenda to support the WoNS manuals  
  • WoNS addenda will be available on the Weeds Australia website in late 2022. 

Wild Matters will provide 27 addenda to existing best practice manuals 

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